Hey all,

My name is Oleg and I am an SEO professional with over 6 years of experience in the industry, currently managing the SEO team at Stigan Media agency. I specialize in implementing a systematic approach to managing over 70 local SEO clients across Canada and the US. Currently, based in Vancouver, BC.

My wife and I at Panorama Rodge

Aside from my work with Stigan Media, I am also passionate about personal SEO projects, leveraging my expertise to create successful affiliate marketing and advertising campaigns. I’ve recently flipped a few websites via Empire Flippers.

Some of my recent projects include OCryptoCanada.ca, which provides valuable information about the crypto industry to Canadians (the industry I am passionate about), and I recently created Gaffiliator.com, which provides insights on monetizing SEO websites. There are more web projects that I operate and I will share my tests, findings, and insights in this blog.

Hope this blog will be helpful. For updates and further insights, please feel free to subscribe to my social media accounts: